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CresComm 5.7Ghz Fixed Wireless Internet
Pacific County and Clallam County Residential Internet Rates

OUTDOOR 5.8 GHz LOS (Line Of Sight) ● Use of subscriber radio included.

OUTDOOR 900 MHz NLOS (Near Line Of Sight) ● Use of basic subscriber radio included.

Residential Install (‡)  50′ CAT5E cable and basic installation of equipment by authorized tech. $  99.95 ( 2 Year Term)

A site survey must be performed to determine clear line of sight and quality of connectivity. Forks, Joyce and Port Angeles we support NLOS service. 5.8 GHz services in Forks. Please fill out our site survey form below to request a free site survey. Field Support $95.00/hour plus mileage First 10 miles included.

Ditch your Dial-up, Dump your DSL, Sabotage your Satellite. Switch to CresComm & get your first month FREE*. (*) Some restrictions apply.



Gigabyte Data Cap/Mo


Residential Deluxe ~ Unbundled Internet 
Up to 10 Mbps Download and 1 Mbps Upload
 100 GiB      $ 59.99     
Residential Value ~ Unbundled Internet 
Up to 10 Mbps Download and 1 Mbps Upload
 Flat**      $ 69.99   
Residential Gold ~ Unbundled Internet 
Up to 25 Mbps Download and 3 Mbps Upload
 200 GiB      $ 99.99   
Total Transfer Data. Increase your monthly allocation by

    1 GiB


Service Notes:

  • 900Mhz Internet Speed are less and vary by area, antenna gain.Terrain etc. High gain antenna optional.
  • Basic installation includes 50′ Cat5E cable and first 2 hours labor. Some restrictions apply.
  • Speed reduced after 100Gig soft data cap is reached on Flat rate plan. Fair access policy applies.
  • Regulatory Cost Recovery and Fuel Surcharge extra.
  • MRC = Monthly Recurring Charge.
  • Overage Fees = $3/Gb Over