CresComm Wifi, LLC

Wireless Internet Provider for Washington’s Coastal Counties

Fiber Optic Broadband Internet

Plans starting at $64.99/monthFixed Wireless is a rapidly growing alternative to wired connections (i.e. telephone & cable) for high-speed broadband wireless Internet access. It uses microwave signals to transmit voice, video and data in various radio frequencies from a stationary transmitter (usually a radio mounted on a high point) to a stationary receiver (an antenna). Fixed wireless users include residential, business and institutional customers who may purchase service directly from us, bypassing the telephone and cable companies. Fiber Broadband is available in Clallam and Pacific County. ADSL2+ is available in Legacy CenturyTel areas and  the former 14 State Qwest® area acquired by CenturyLink®. We are Commercial Wi-Fi System Specialists.

Bay Center Wireless Project

PUD Retail Service Provider Pacific County : (360) 642-0858