Available in Clallam County: Forks, Joyce, Lake Sutherland.¬† Indian Valley and areas West of Port Angeles. Clatsop County OR: Svensen and soon Knappa and Brownsmead.¬† Pacific County: Bay Center, Chinook, Long Beach, South Bend and Raymond. Complex and commercial installations extra. 24 Month contract required for Fixed Wireless Broadband and Fiber Broadband. Ask us about our Business Plans. Downloads for Value and Legacy plans are at burst rate for first 100-200 seconds. (Burst is dependent upon network conditions and other factors and is NOT guaranteed.) A minimum of 4 Mbps is recommended for streaming audio or video. An hours ITV broadcast uses 2-3 Gigabytes total data. A high definition movie download uses up to 4 Gigabytes total data. We recommend setting Netflix to Standard Definition for lower data usage. Data over cap billed monthly in arrears at $2.00/Gig. Speeds listed are maximum burst rate. Static IP: $25/set-up, $10/month. Neighborhood Hotspot’s $99.99 (Minimum Monthly service plan) plus Hotspot Surcharge. See Terms of Service for Additional fees and wireless download speed information. Technician time, computer support or training available (One Hour Min.) at the following rates: ¬†Business $115.00/hour, Residential: $92.00/hour. Off Road or On Demand extra. First 10 miles on-road mileage included. Terms: ARB (Automatic Recurring Billing) on 23rd of month. Monthly Bill Cycle: 23rd to 22nd. Regulatory cost recovery, Maintenance Cost Recovery and local surcharges extra. Custom installations, dedicated point-to-point, Synchronous T1, 95th Perc. (5 min) billing, bandwidth prioritizing and large user quotations upon request. We provide Ethernet access at seven mountaintop sites in Clallam, Clatsop, & Pacific County. Registered CLEC. Member: WISPA.ORG (Wireless Internet Service Providers Association).

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