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Fixed or Mobile Broadband Consumer Disclosure

Monthly Price[$]

This Monthly Price [is/is not] an introductory rate. [if introductory rate is applicable, identify length of introductory period and the rate that will apply after introductory period concludes]

This Monthly Price [does not] require[s] a [x year/x month] contract. [only required if applicable; if so, provide link to terms of contract]

Additional Charges & Terms

Provider Monthly Fees
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One-time Fees at the Time of Purchase
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Early Termination Fee [$]
Government Taxes Varies by Location

Discounts & Bundles

Click Here for available billing discounts and pricing options for broadband service bundled with other services like video, phone, and wireless service, and use of your own equipment like modems and routers. [Any links to such discounts and pricing options on the provider’s website must be provided in this section.]

Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)

The ACP is a government program to help lower the monthly cost of internet service. To learn more about the ACP, including to find out whether you qualify, visit

Participates in the ACP [Yes/No]

Speeds Provided with Plan

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Typical Upload Speed [] Mbps
Typical Latency [] Ms

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Charges for Additional Data Usage [$/GB]
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