Broadband Facts

CresComm WiFi

Residential 50*

*where this plan is available

Fixed Broadband Consumer Disclosure

Monthly Price: $109.95

This Monthly Price is not introductory rate. This Monthly Price does require a 2 year / 24 month contract.

Additional Charges & Terms

Provider Monthly Fees $109.95
One-time Fees at the Time of Purchase $249.95
One Time Fee – Other Amount: (Additional work required to get Line of Sight which can be extended cable runs up to and including a tree mount) Up to $1,250
Early Termination Fee $500.00
Off-grid Power monthly surcharge applies for subscribers served via Dry Hill $1.00

Discounts & Bundles

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Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)

The ACP is a government program to help lower the monthly cost of internet service. To learn more about the ACP, including to find out whether you qualify, visit

Plan not eligible for ACP

Speeds Provided with Plan


Typical Download Speed 50 Mbps
Typical Upload Speed 5 Mbps

Data Included with Monthly Price

Unlimited GB

Charges for Additional Data Usage $0.00/GB
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Sales & Billing: 360-928-0000

24/7 Tech Support: 800-562-8064

Contact Us: contact-us.htm Learn more about the terms used on this label by visiting the Federal Communications Commission’s Consumer Resource Center.

[Unique Plan Identifier: F00212974940000000000RES50]